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Hello Guys.

I Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the bit of sunshine that has come our way.
Well everyone has been working tirelessly trying to get the tabletop event advertised and promoted especially Pat and Sam who have been out pounding the streets and giving out leaflets and just letting the local community around St.Osyth, Point Clear and Clacton know what this Foundation is all about,
(Even Dream FM have been promoting it).
With Regards to the Fun-day.yes, we hit a few snags and as we know everything we all try and do is a learning curve , so that event has had to be postponed but it WILL happen, we have just had to postpone for now.
The Foundation certainly is gaining momentum we have started receiving gifts from all over which we will raffle off or sell in the shop which is very nearly ready to be opened (as soon as it is open We will post pictures so you can see how it’s all shaping up)
Now, Speaking of Raffles. How Amazing is this those Fantastic people at Seawick holiday village have donated an absolutely brilliant prize of a three night Family Break on their complex for 2 adults and three children along with some extra free goodies which we will raffle off (tickets only £1) or if anyone donates at least £1 on the website you will be entered into the draw.The date for the draw is yet to be decided as we want some more fantastic prizes for you, but neverfear it will be announced very, very soon.(please keep checking the upcoming events or news section for more details).
We also have some more big news coming very soon so watch this space.

Lastly please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ddrdfoundation or visit our like page on Facebook DDRDF.
If you feel you have anything that you wish to add please contact us ddrdfoundationuk@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks for joining in. 🙂


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  1. wrote on February 20th, 2013 at 12:35 pm


    Hello Guys.
    Well, What can I say? There has been so much going on with the foundation what with everyone trying to get this (your) website up and running and yes we do know there is still plenty of work to do lol.
    Wow, this Funday that we are trying to organize is certainly hard work. as you may have noticed we have had to postpone it at the moment due to circumstances totally beyond our control, Well The way We are looking at it, we can make it a real experience and a day you and us will truly remember.
    Sam and Pat have been working around the clock getting the new shop in order, we have had donations coming in from all over the place and I don’t just mean money we have had signed books from Graham Norton, bits from Dermot O’leary we have an authenticated hand bag used on Coronation Street by Liz MacDonald. (Bev Callard) and much, much more. all of which will be going on sale in the shop to raise the money we so sorely need.

    Colchester University have also been working with us trying to help arrange for Dr Karen Herbst to come over and speak alongside other leading geneticists at a seminar they are hoping to hold in June.

    The Twitter feeds and face book pages are growing steadily, and more awareness is reaching the people

    so, as you can tell we are working extremely hard trying to bring it all together,so please keep an eye on the site and please pass your comments into us and we will endeavor to work for you.

    God Bless and speak again soon


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