My Life with Dercums Disease​


katrinaMy Name is Katrina and I have Dercums Disease.​

I was born and raised in California, USA. I met my British husband on-line in late 2005. After a long distance, back and forth relationship we married and moved to Wales, UK in Sept of 2008.

In June of 2009 my left hip became very painful, and I gained 30 pounds, I thought it was perhaps arthritis so I went to see my GP. He sent me for an X-ray with no results so he then referred me to a bone specialist who ordered an MRI. At my appointment, to have the results read, I pointed out 2 lumps that had appeared on my upper left thigh within the past 7 days.

I was then sent for an ultra sound, at that point ten more lumps had appeared. I had been researching my symptoms on-line and discovered Dercums disease, which had all my symptoms listed as part of the illness. I printed out pages of this information and took with me to the appointment. The ultra sound tech poked at the lumps and said they were ‘fatty tissue’ lumps and they caused no damage and did not hurt. I tried to explain that they did indeed hurt and show him the paperwork I had printed out, but he was not interested. ‘I am not that kind of doctor’ he informed me.

On my follow-up appointment with the bone specialist I gave him the paperwork, he was very interested and showed them to another doctor. Even though he found it very interesting, he did nothing for me and had no answers. This has now been a year since my journey started.

Back at an appointment with my GP, he read my paperwork, looked at the lumps and diagnosed me with Dercums disease. He put me on Gabapentin. After several months, with not much relief, I was referred to the Pain Clinic. Although I learned some very valuable ways to deal with the pain, I needed more.

I now have a new GP who is reading up on Dercums and is willing to help me. I am still on Gabapentin and I also use a Bu Trans patch. He has referred me to the Lymph clinic for some Lymph drainage massage; we shall see how that goes.

I want to share with you different methods that help a bit with the pain and hope that perhaps you can get a little relief.​


I like to just sit or lay and relax. I visualize an ocean scene and imagine hearing the sea gulls barking overhead. I can feel the warm sun on my face, hear the waves break on the shore and smell the salt water. Listening to music helps as well.


Meditation is a wonderful way to remove yourself from the pain in your body and travel to another space.


​​A bath is a good way to relax and sooth the pain away. I like to use herbs, such as lavender to aid in the relaxation. Lavender is also an excellent herb for relaxation, calming and healing up sores. ​


Herbs are great for easing pain in baths, lotions and even teas.

My personal pain lotion is:
1 oz carrier oil or lotion, I use baby lotion
Eucalyptus oil-5 drops
Peppermint oil-5 drops
Lemon oil (or lemongrass)-5 drops
Lavender oil-5 drops
Rosemary oil-10 drops

Healing Energy

As a Reiki Master I believe in sending healing to another human being. But anyone can send healing (or prayers) to another to help ease their pain. I am going to start a healing circle and people can add their names.

Please use form below to send me your name to add to my Healing Circle. Thank you.

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