A Heart Warming Poem About Dercums Disease


Our Bodies, they Hurt. Our Lumps are on fire

It befuddles our mind, Our Thoughts a quagmire,

We want it to stop. We want it to end.

We need a cure. We need to mend.

We speak to the experts, but they do not know,

How to ease our pain. How to make it go.

It hurts to walk, and it hurts to move

It’s NOT in our mind. That’s what we need to prove.

We’re in a quandary, we’re in a muddle

We want to be held, we want to be cuddled

We grin and we bear, we fight our pain

one day this agony will float away

We will not lose, we’re going to win

We will not surrender. We will never give in.

We have the will. We have the fight

We’ll battle Dercums with all our Might

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Viewed 111 times

by Bliss Drive Review