Our first event. The great Point Clear table-top sale :)

Mr Price receiving his prize of a holiday from our treasurer Llewelyn

Mr Price receiving his prize of a holiday from our treasurer Llewelyn

Hello guys, I hope you are all well.
Sorry it has been a little late putting this up, but this is what happened and what a huuuuuuuuuge success it really was.

As usual Samantha and Patricia were the first ones at the hall (mind you, they did drag George along as well) opening up getting everything set up, making sure the hall was open ready, for the vendors to turn up.
The sale didn’t officially open until 11am, and to be honest we were still a little apprehensive as to how successful this would actually be. By about 9.30 the phone in the hall started ringing it was people that were actually asking us if it was still going ahead and that they hadn’t missed it, as you can imagine everyone was overjoyed this WAS going to be a success. Heart Essex and Dream FM had been sending shouts out all week as well as the advertising in the local paper and it was all starting to pay off.

The doors opened on time at 11 and that was it we had a steady stream of people in all day,

As well as the sale itself we were also running a fabulous raffle.
We had prizes donated by Bookers wholesale who we are so pleased to say are our official sponsors as well as dear friends.
Seawick holiday village donated a holiday on their site, we even had a gift sent from Mr Graham Norton. We really had some fantastic prizes.

It was such a lovely atmosphere the people were all so interested to hear what the foundation was all about, which really was our aim, in order to raise funds for research we need to raise awareness, very much chicken and egg.
Myself and George managed the entrance charging entry and selling Raffle tickets, Gena and Kerry were running the foundation’s stall, Samantha and Patricia were in the canteen and also running the hall making sure everyone was being looked after, they seemed to be everywhere at once, I thought David Dickinson had turned up at one point when Samantha tried to just auction the lot off lol.
We even managed to help one little kitty celebrate her 8th birthday with a huge cake 🙂

There was something special about that day and about some of the people we met, which I will spill the beans on soon, but needless to say it will mean a huge boost for the foundation and will allow us to make massive leaps forward.

In case any of you are wondering, and I’m sure you are, here are totals raised so far

DDRDF Shop £407 (inc online donations and raffle tickets sold)
Tabletop sale £585
Total £992
Amounts,which I’m sure you will agree are quite impressive.

I will make special mention on here, that even though we were all there on that day, this foundation would be nothing without the two main driving forces behind it. Samantha and Patricia, without their boundless enthusiasm this foundation simply wouldn’t exist x

I will be posting plenty of pictures on here soon, so please keep logging in, and feel free to comment on anything we post and maybe add a little of your own

Speak soon and be well x


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