Dedicated to our cause at the Clacton Air-Show (Even in the rain).


Hello Guys I Hope you are all well.

Just a little post here just to let you all know we are all still beavering away trying to get noticed and raise the awareness that is so needed on here, Not least Our Vice Chairwoman and Secretary who last Thursday spent the entire day at Clacton air show, making our presence known, which in itself is a fantastic thing but even more-so is the fact that there was pretty much horrendous rain for the entire day, the pair of them looked like drowned rats by the time they had finished, but as the ladies said it’s all about getting the name out there and showing what we are all about and raising as much as possible so we can get the research underway on how to combat the illnesses we are all suffering.













Now, I’m Sure you will all agree. That shows a huge degree of determination and dedication to what we are all trying to do here, and these two ladies are definitely leading the charge.

So a great big  WELL DONE!!

and a heartfelt THANK YOU 🙂  From all of us

Warm Hugs and pain free days to all.

John x







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