Dr Karen Herbst Informational Whitepaper


Hello Guys
I know it has been a little while since I Posted On Here, but we’re getting back on track.
A Massive thanks goes to Dercums Disease Resources who works tirelessly to bring as much info as possible with reference to Dercums and who kindly brought this to our attention. http://dercumsresources.com/
In Case you didn’t know Dr Karen Herbst has posted on her website
A whitepaper that is downloadable and printable and really should be passed on to your doctors. This white paper can be used in supporting what goes on with Dercums and shows how severe this illness is.
more and more info is being found about this cruel illness and people are going to take notice.

Our voices are getting louder all the time and we WILL be heard.

Warm Hugs to all

John x

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