11 months of hard work


Hello Guys

Now I know the site has been very quiet over the last couple of months and for very valid reasons, we have been trying to ensure and been in contact with the charity commission applying for our charity number and having to fill forms in left, right and centre
Patricia, Samantha and Gena along with a lovely Gentleman Simon Garner have been looking at form upon form and submitting and amending and re-submitting, all in all working their backsides off.

Well….in what I can only describe as record time we have been granted that all important charity number The Dercums Disease and Rare Disease Foundation UK is now a fully fledged Charity

Our Charity number is as follows 1154613

after the 21st of November you will be able to view the details on the charity commission’s website.

This is such fantastic news. This will give us true recognition and will open a hell of a lot of doors to help get the funding and support that we all so sorely need

I would like to say a huge thank you to everybody that is supporting us and everybody working so tirelessly to help us achieve our goals and try to work out how to rid everybody of this and other illnesses.

So Thank you everybody

Warm Hugs to all


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