Let’s get this show on the Road :)


Hello Guys

I Hope you are all well and pain free.

Well things are certainly starting to move along very swiftly indeed. As you undoubtedly have read after lots and lots of hard work we have finally got our Charity status.
And to help us celebrate this Friday night we are hosting a charity evening in point clear with a 70’s and 80’s theme we will be holding Karaoke, Raffles with some amazing prizes to give away, the press will be there as well as members of various other charities so we can all put our heads together and help one another in our goals.
so much hard work has gone into getting started on the road to recognition. This is a great opportunity for all involved in the public and medical profession to actually see what damage, mentally and physically Dercums and other related conditions actually do, and our charitable status is our first major step into accomplishing this so please we would welcome you to join us on Friday night to have a great night and help raise some much needed money so we can really get this show on the road 🙂

Thank You and massive warm hugs to all

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