Local Companies coming together to help in our goals.


Hello Guys

More and more things are coming together within your foundation at the moment,since we have got our charity number more and more people have been taking an interest in what we are trying to do here, our Events Manager Kerry and our Charity Secretary have been visiting some of the local businesses and fitness centres in and around St.Osyth and Clacton and they have been really warmly received and welcomed,
We really want this foundation to become one big family and community to help not just Dercums or very rare disease sufferers, but to help communities as well. As you are probably aware, alot of the people that suffer with Dercums tend to have other symptoms too, such as Diabetes and as there is a steady rise in this illness specifically type II, and the worrying thing is it is rising in our younger generation.
We spoke to and had meetings with some absolutely amazing people from the following establishments

Mr Nick Westlake owner of the Gallery Fitness centre 27 Holland Rd in Clacton CO15 6BT
Mr Patrick Fearis who runs the Clacton arm of the 5 star bootcamp at Clacton FC.
Messrs Billy Taylor and Graham Moughton (both of whom fought in the 1972 British Olympic boxing team) who run the Holland Shore Amateur Boxing Club in St Osyth

All of these marvellous establishments have agreed to help us in our aims, not just for younger communities but older communities too, we want to bring everyone together. We want a group understanding, a group community where we can all help one another we want to help put back into and not simply take out of our communities, and in doing so, we WILL raise awareness for sufferers of these illnesses, as more and more people will be speaking about, and understanding and then maybe they will empathise and not just sympathise with what we are trying to achieve in your foundation.

I would like to say a big big thank you to these guys

Warm Hugs to you all


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