A sad day for your foundation


Hello guys I hope you are all well and pain free.

Well the 12/02/2014 has been a sad day in the short life of this foundation, as unfortunately our chairperson Samantha Chapman and her husband, our treasurer Llewelyn have stepped down from your Foundation, Unfortunately Samantha has been in ill health recently and took the sad step to resign from the foundation, and obviously Llewelyn has taken the step to care for Samantha and to keep the upkeep of the day to day running of their business the point clear post office.
It really has been a sad day in our short life as Samantha was truly the backbone of the foundation, working tirelessly with a vigour and verve rarely seen, she has been fantastic in raising awareness of what our foundation is all about and spearheading us to get that all important charity number in such a short space of time, especially as she has been so ill herself, amazing.
We wish Samantha and Llewelyn all the very best and are extremely sad to see them leave. You will be sorely missed guys

As a result of Samantha Leaving the Foundation Patricia has stepped up to the plate as acting chair person and John as acting vice chairperson, guys you have large shoes to fill, but we know you can do it 🙂

Warm hugs to all

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  1. wrote on February 18th, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Patricia bissessur

    Yes it is very Scary and it happened so quickly, we did all know that Samantha and her hubby both are very ill, but I for one felt Devastated.
    Samantha one day asked “what is wrong with you?” I showed Samantha a video clip of the man with 100 lumps, she watched and read what was on the different write ups.
    She turned and looked at me with tears in her eyes and said we have to do something my friend, so Samantha and I started the this Foundation.

    I told her I had always wanted to do something over here in the UK and she said we will it will be hard work but we will do it .
    I never thought I would be left holding the Chair, well that’s life for you one Minute you are the back bone of something the next you are gone, we will carry on until we find Another chair, in the meantime myself and John Ford Steward will do our up most to keep it going, we have some wonderful things on the horizon just thinking of them is making me feel good inside …..well god bless you all!!……….Samantha and Llewelyn wish you all the luck in the world and love, Just like I know they are wishing us well !!!!!!! straight back at you both xxxxxx

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