Royal Gunpowder Mills Investigation 1/3/2014


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Wow! Where do I start? As i’m sure you are all aware your foundation held it’s very first paranormal Ghost investigation on 1st March 2014 at the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey, Essex, and what an absolutely amazing evening it was.

The night was hosted by us alongside the fantastic guys from the Essex and Kent Paranormal research society.

So much hard work had gone into this evening by our events Manager Kerry, and our charities secretary Gena, and now the time was upon us when all of the hard work and stress was going to come to fruition

It was a cold, crisp night, full of atmosphere and guests started arriving at the site at around 8pm where they were greeted by our Gena who signed them in and arranged for them to be escorted to the ‘base’ (cafeteria lol), there were plenty of arrivals with us.
Once inside they were once again welcomed by our Kerry who promptly made people feel as welcome as possible and ensuring everyone was seated and comfortable, as well as ensuring the paranormal team could set up in the optimal positions at the various locations around the mills.

Once every guest had arrived and were getting themselves settled and looking forward to an extraordinary evening introductions were made by Gena as to who we are and as to what the aims of the foundation are and why we are actually doing this.
We then introduced the Essex and Kent Paranormal Society to the guests, who explained how and where we were going to investigate and what we could expect from the night.
All of the guests were divided up into groups of three and we all did individual investigations on different parts of the estate, which lasted approximately an hour each, after-which we all met up back at base for refreshments and to discuss what had been uncovered.
Lots of discussion was taking place as to the level of activity was actually taking place, In one section of building there were reports of a cuckoo clock sounding in the building only to be told the only electrical or mechanical devices in the building were a Kettle or microwave and that there were no other people in the building.
whilst that was happening there were reports of EMF readings going haywire in other parts of the site, a group were in the actual mill and were watching the locked off camera and were witnessing orbs flying across the room.
One of the most amazing experiences that happened during the evening was the table tipping, we had 2 tables brought into a section of the building and random people (I was one of them alongside Patricia) were literally resting their fingertips on the top of the table. It was one of the strangest feeling s I have ever had you could feel the table want to move and then it started to happen. IT TIPPED ON IT’S EDGE, now I am usually the most skeptical when it comes to stuff like this but on this occasion I cannot be as the direction that the table lifted up from was where my fingers were resting ON TOP of the table and the only possible way it could have lifted how it did was if someone had put their hands underneath and raised it!?! Within five to ten minutes the other table that had been fairly inactive started to move, however, not tipping, but actually travelling around the floor in a S shape again I witnessed this with my own eyes as well as our lovely Gena and Kerry actually taking part with this particular exercise.
We also took part in the Ghost box experiment, now the only way I can describe this is like when you get the hiss through the radio as you cannot get a reception through the frequency just static, well on this occasion as a mass vigil we were not so successful as one large group (this would change later however).
For our last vigil we all split up again into our respective groups Myself and Patricia went to the actual Mills themselves where a lot of people had worked and died, there was definitely a more oppressive feeling about the place, and we were starting to get some really good EMF readings.
Whilst the main group were doing their bit by the tunnels, Patricia and I stepped into a very small room that had four little benches in them, well no sooner had Patricia sat down than the bench she was sitting on moved, as well as one across the room moved on it’s own, Now as you are all aware Patricia suffers Dercums quite severely, but I have never seen her move so fast, just to get out of that room. I laughed so hard, as we were being a little louder than was expected we did get told off by our guide Neil that we were being rather too loud, but we explained what had happened, and they decided to hold a session with the ghost box in the small room, as I said earlier the ghost box in the large session was not very active, but oh my how that changed, we were asking questions and getting responses from both male and female voices and not just yes or no, but full cognitive, conscious responses. I genuinely have never seen anything like it before.

As you can probably tell this night was a genuine colossal success and I for one cannot wait for 6th June for the next one at the secret Nuclear Bunker in Brentwood, Essex.
please check out the link for a sneak preview

There will be pictures added shortly so please bare with me.

I would also like to take the opportunity to extend our huuuuge thanks to: Billy, Neil Christina Green and Amelia from the Essex and Kent Paranormal team for making the evening as great as it was and without them it wouldnt have been possible. 🙂
please see the link below and you will be able to check out some of their amazing investigations

Chris, from the Royal Gunpowder Mills for all his work on the evening.

Bookers wholesalers, for all the continued support and who kindly supplied all of the food and beverages for the night

Also a major thank you and well done! to our two Angels of the Evening, Kerry our events manager and Gena our charities secretary for arranging the evening and getting everything ready, from the initial meeting to the eventual clearing up afterwards

and, of course to all of you for your continued support


Warm Hugs to you all



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