Kindness of a friend


Hello Guys

I Hope you are all well and pain free.
As I’m sure you are all aware there is a small event about to be held by us on 23rd August and we have been inundated with people and businesses that are helping us at the moment for which we are truly thankful, but one act of generosity shows how much this Foundation actually means to you as well as us.
One of our members here, ex-M.O.D Employee Mrs June Carr has kindly donated £100 to help towards the lavatory costings, as you are aware as well as all of the fun and merriment involved, there is also a lot to be taken into account behind the scenes. such as health an.d safety as well as sanitation
June knew that the costings were mounting, even with the support we have been receiving from all of  those involved, and she has selflessly stepped forward to help.

June also suffers with a condition called Cerebella Ataxia which has major effects on her balance and vision, but June isn’t even thinking about that, she just simply wants to help us, and wants this Superhero fun day to be the success it deserves to be.With supporters, friends and family like June behind us, I know it will be..

It really warms our hearts when things like this happen and shows how much support we actually have, which just spurs us on to make this foundation the success it deserves to be


Thank you so much June

We love you

from all at your Foundation x

*you can read June’s story in our community stories*

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Viewed 1829 times

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