Superhero Funday :)


Hello Guys

I hope you are all well and pain free.

Well, It came and it went on the 23rd of August we held our first family funday, and i can safely say that all those that attended had an amazing day from young to old, we had side stalls and lucky dips, inflatables, giant kites, amazing food from The Beach family and the Eelhouse Pie ‘N’Mash and we had a couple of guys from team Kinetix doing acrobatics as well as lively Music from Coolsounds, live singing From Miss Chloe Jacques as well as some of the younger visitors, and an amazing all day Kite display competitions being run by HRF Photography (amazing photographic studio)

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the ladies and gentlemen that made the day possible.
there were so many of you that came along to show your support and we have received so many lovey comments from the stall holders and visitors alike, we hope all those that attended enjoyed their day, we certainly did.

I would also like to extend my own personal thanks to two very special people that genuinely worked their socks off to make this day a success. Our Very own Patricia and Kerry, they worked so hard on this. non stop, and they battled on and on to make sure this event took place (and in only 6 weeks).
Ladies you were amazing 🙂 xxxx

I will be adding some photos of the day so you can see how it went.

Lastly, as I stated earlier this was the first time any of us involved have tried to arrange anything like this and it proves that hard work does pay off. This has been a huge learning curve for all involved, and I would like to confirm we will be holding another next year which will be bigger, brighter and packed with even more entertainment

Warm Hugs to all


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