Hello guys
It’s been quite a while since we have spoken, but I’m sure you will definitely agree this announcement will certainly have been worth the wait 🙂
Over the past few months our chairwoman Patricia has been in talks with a marvellous charitable organisation called Centric Community Projects, These fantastic people find properties in which charities such as ours can serve the community and help people that need us within the community.
Patricia received a call from a lovely young lady caled Hannah a property had come up in Clacton Upon Sea in Essex. Patricia received the keys at the end of August and things have really started to gather pace, Patricia, her sister June and good friend Michael have all been working tirelessly to get the walk in centre and shop all ready. There has been a fantastic response from the local community with people donating tables and chairs as well as crockery, cutlery and lots of other bits and pieces.
We are all so proud of how hard Patricia, June and Michael have worked to get this centre all ready to be up and running

The walk in centre is located at
124 Old Road
Clacton On sea
CO15 3AH









As I’m sure you will agree these guys are absolute stars and a credit to us all.

We all love you guys 🙂

This walk-in centre will be a huge and an amazing success, and a massive step towards our major goals.


Warm Hugs to you all



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Viewed 2488 times


  1. wrote on September 19th, 2015 at 12:48 am

    Patricia bissessur

    We have been having a very Busy time , but we know we are needed ,there is so many people
    Coming in the shop to find us , and where the shop is there a lot that needs help , so if we can’t help
    We will guide them the right way . Because Dercum is a syndrome we are covered to help a lot
    Of diseases .
    June and I are enjoying Helping , we have to get volunteers to help us we can’t lift things because
    Of our condition .
    I am finding the pain excruciating ,and my sister has cellar bella ataxia late on set.
    She has no balance , but she not letting that stop her .
    We will have to get volunteers soon , but must say the local people have been very kind
    And Carried things in for us . We’ll talk soon big gentle hugs xxxxx

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