1. Maintenance


    00Please bare with us if you can’t see all of this site as these sections are under maintenance – Sorry for any inconvenience caused we aim to be back as soon as possible. Kind regards, The DD Team Viewed 258 timesViewed 258 times

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  2. Spammers


    00i have noticed there is a lot of unusual activity on or site if your a spammer you will be removed off of our site .our site is here to help people with illnesses not for people trying to advertise there goods and trying to sell stuff to people you...

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  3. hi everyone

    hi everyone

    00just adding some new features to our site if you click on any posts and you get some music playing don’t panic you can turn it off with the play and pause button at the top right of the screen oh and keep posted we have a full list coming...

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  4. Spammers and advertisers

    Spammers and advertisers

    00Due to spammers and people advertising on our site for there own gain I feel I might have to lock down the groups section to admin authorisation to approve your group this is a charity website designed to help people with there health not an open site for people to...

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