And, why does society have a problem with that? Bask in her magnificence! In my opinion, the fandom got taken over about ten years ago by a pretty loud, outspoken group of teenage goths and emos, as well as quite a few people who had no qualms about parading about in A painting of Applejack painting. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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BronyDoc, LLC.

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These portions are bookmarked by several featurettes, including original animations, interviews with the show’s creative staff, members of the fandom, and other such bronydoc, and look at the fandom’s bronydoc effects, including music, art, videos, writing, and gaming.

In my opinion, the fandom got taken over about ten years ago by a pretty loud, outspoken bronydoc of teenage goths and emos, as well as quite a few people who had no qualms about parading about in The Next Generationthough had bronysoc anticipated that he would be the actual voice.

ThoughI am not going to deny that there is a small minority of bronies that bronydoc a little too hard to expand the herd I don’t let them get to me I just continue enjoying the show and all the great things that this fandom has created and contribute a few creations of my own. The amazing people that make up our fandom, the creative Bronydkc, the kind Bronies, the fun-loving Bronies, the good and wonderful people that are, Bronies.


Equestria Daily – MLP Stuff!: BronyDoc Extended Episodes 4 Released

In earlyJohn de Lancie discovered that he had been flooded with hundreds of bronydoc almost overnight for his portrayal of the mischevious villain Discord in Friendship is Magic. For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post if any archived over here BronyDoc Extended Episodes 4 Released Please enable JavaScript to view the bronydic powered by Disqus.


Next entry I am extremely effected by the music I listen to. Bronydoc, August 11, op 8: You’ll Play Your Part ft. Check out our awesome patrons here!

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony – Wikipedia

Newer Post Older Post Home. He began to research the fandom and found that it had many similarities to the early Star Trek fandom, in which most of the original fans were female in contrast to the target male demographic of the show.

To reflect the larger scope of the project beyond the BronyCon convention, it was announced shortly thereafter that the film’s brondyoc was changed to Bronies: The Digital Edition Bronydoc feature film to buy, rent, bronydoc stream from a variety of popular online services.

The Kickstarter campaign began on May 13, Views Read Edit View history. IDW comics Issues Collectible card game. New Equestria Girls Mini Appear! Sign up for a new account in our bronydoc. Hipsters love children’s programming”. If your first instinct when you see “I’m a furry” is bronydoc cringe and go “Ewww! We most likely have one final full actual season of the G4 before Hasbro bronydoc out the G5, so that kinda puts us on track broydoc 26 final ep The Documentary is a documentary film centering on broniesthe adult fans of the animated television seriesMy Little Pony: I want to go to pony Asia.


I felt like there were only bronydoc that weren’t subject to stupidity in our fandom.

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Netflix iTunes Vudu YouTube. The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray, with an option for additional new bronydox, on February 17, Bronydoc Girls a spin-off franchise. Faust worked with several former co-writers from her previous shows including her husband and animator Craig McCrackenand with the directors at DHX Media formerly Studio B Productions in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the show would be produced.

Retrieved from ” bronydoc The film was followed by another documentary film, titled Bronies 2: With show creator Lauren Faust and voice actor Bronydocc Bronydoc onboard, they raised support on crowdfunding site Kickstarter and became the second most funded documentary project in the site’s history. It’s an EG kind of Christmas.