Usually people are “at war,” not “in war”. General Comment The song is about the Daleks, to the Doctor. The Daleks are not men and never have been. He thinks that every sentient being is, or should be, like him. But I agree with you on other accounts, BlatentlyBooshified.

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Exterminate, Regenerate

Yeah, I have to respectfully disagree, it’s not about the Doctor and the Master, it’s about the Doctor and the Daleks, or more specifically, the Doctor and Davros. The Doctor thinks everyone can be redeemed. He is known as the citcuit Storm”. Editar playlist Apagar playlist tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist?

Add your thoughts 15 Comments. The end part is probably that if the Doctor and Daleks were to join forces, they’d chameleon circuit exterminate regenerate basically chameleoh and could stop the fighting between them. He is a warrior capable of destroying all that is Chameleon circuit exterminate regenerate, and they fear and wish to eliminate this utterly, even going to the point of teaming up with all the forces of the universe to contain him within the Pandorica.

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Chameleon Circuit – Exterminate, Regenerate – Ouvir Música

And to get this, you really need to know his philosophy. The suggestion that chameldon could change the Daleks is something important to him.

Exterminate, Regenerate Songtext von Chameleon Circuit. All in all it’s an excellent song, one of my favorites by Chameleon Circuit.

For the Master, the Doctor is a challenge, someone that keeps chameleon circuit exterminate regenerate up as an equal on the playing field. And where cirvuit Daleks go, death follows, as well.

Alben Chameleon Circuit von Chameleon Circuit. The Daleks are not men and never have been. The first half of the song is Davros to the Doctor talking about the eternal war they’ve literally fought for millenniums. The Daleks and the Doctor have almost nothing in common.

The Doctor and the Master’s relationship has always been one of both love and hate. My Interpretation The song is about the Daleks, to the Doctor. I’m not sure who chameleon circuit exterminate regenerate first verse is supposed to be, but I think it’s from the Doctor’s perspective.

However, I believe this is a reference to the fact that both the Doctor and Master have killed “exterminated” each other several times, but they both always come back. The next verse is the Daleks saying that Daleks and Timelords are basically the same – they are really the most dangerous life forms in the universe.


Exterminate Regenerate Lyrics Chameleon Circuit ※ Mojim Lyrics

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Wherever the Doctor goes, death tends to follow. Chameleonn think the end bit of the chorus about leaving it burning is about the doctor not being able to kill things easily, like in the series with Christopher Eccleston and the episode “Dalek”, he wasn’t able to kill it. Again, Elinious mentioned this, but it bears repeating.

Lyrics submitted by Xayideedited by Bendubz. Regenwrate with Google Error: It is however something that the Doctor suggested to the Master before he died as Saxon. Flag doctorwholuver13 on May 28, User does not exist.

We see him returning from this trip in the movie featuring the only appearance of the ninth Doctor on screen. Davros is still mostly attached to his humanoid Kaled form, not the more evolved Dalek form. Log in to add a tag.