The cardio stuff is very simple like the old Firms, but with some kickboxing style moves added. Debbie then returns to the rear lunge series from the beginning of the workout, this time adding arm movements in the form of front lateral raises. Now, you too can feel better than ever in as little as 15 minutes, every other day, right in the comfort of your home. See my other Slim Series reviews. Slim Series Exercise Program Review. The Slim Series fitness program is most ideal for those who have already completed the Slim in 6 fitness program and are looking for a few extra exercise workouts that will add to their variety. All of them feature Debbie and one male and one female background exerciser, different ones in each tape.

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She works both the upper and cebbie lower abs, but oddly enough, there is no oblique work which I didn’t miss–I think the obliques are much less of a problem area for most seres. She’s kind of like the girl debbie siebers slim series door but more like the nice drill instructor next door.

Along the bottom border there are two count down timers, one counts down the time for the entire workout, the other counts down the time for each set. Normal living room space should be enough to comfortably complete all of the exercises routines. The Slim Series fitness program is basically a smaller version of the bigger Slim in 6 fitness program, so it only contains the actual exercise workouts and a slimming guide. After doing a 5 week rotation with these tapes I lost several inches and still like the tapes.

This workout is almost exactly the same as all the others in this series, very similar in look, feel, structure, content debbie siebers slim series nature.

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She sometimes stops doing the moves to walk over siiebers Judy and Kevin to adjust their form; Kevin in particular seems to make many form errors. She uses only 3-lb dumbbells throughout the workout, and most of the time, I found that I wasn’t able to go any higher than this, especially when she was debbie siebers slim series moves which require you to hold the arms at shoulder height, which is where she begins.


She keeps mixing it up and introducing new moves so you keep losing weight without ever getting bored! Men How To Burn Fat: The Shape it Up!

Slim Series

It also has some pretty tough upper and lower body debbie siebers slim series work, one of the background exercisers uses ankle weights, but I figure that they slebers either from the planet krypton, or mentally disturbed, or possibly both. Try Slim Series Today! Debbie does 1 set each of lunge, lunge with knee lift, lunge with front kick, and pulsing lunge.

Although the latter exercises were quite basic, my outer thighs were screaming, and I couldn’t make it through all the reps here.

I like the standing ab work, but the floor ab work in this one is aeries boring, standard stuff. I did this one on the second day and I can really see that you would need recovery days if you were doing this series all the time. I was blown away by the results I got with Chad and wanted to share his drills with everyone.

Slim Series: Tone it Up

The set is modern with nice, warm colors. Workout Shape it Up! The Slim Series fitness program includes six exercise workouts and is designed as a continuation of the original Slim in 6 fitness program.

Man was my butt sore after the first time through this one.

I think if I just say to myself I’m going to do an all endurance period of weight training, I can see allowing myself to spend my valuable workout time on this series for 4 wks. I can see why people have great results with this but I can also see why many experience burnout after a few weeks.


exercise video reviews: Slim Series by Debbie Siebers

Support The Slim Series fitness program falls under the Beachbody customer service department and includes the following: The workout begins with a back lunge series: This being said, it is recommended that you purchase the Slim in 6 fitness program prior to purchasing the Slim Series fitness debbie siebers slim series.

Tone It Up breakdown tons of reps at a 1 sec pace: However, as with any fitness program, your personal fitness results will depend on your adherence to the fitness program, your initial level of fitness, and your dietary routine. I liked Debbie; she seemed friendly and motivating, although sli, comments were a little goofy at times eg, “don’t hate me!

The Slim Series fitness program is intended as an extension of the Slim in 6 fitness program, and is ideal for individuals that have completed and enjoyed that program or a related one from Beachbody. Now, you too can feel better than ever in as little as 15 minutes, every other day, right in the comfort of your home. You will perform modified squat movements, high knee with arm extensions, frontal lunges and kickboxing-oriented movements to achieve a cardiovascular workout that will also improve your coordination, balance and flexibility.

Okay, that’s a huge exaggeration This, debbis with the speed debbie siebers slim series repetition of the exercises and poor form among the background exercises made this workout almost feel unsafe to me. The Slim Series fitness program continues along the same theme as the Slim sieberss 6 program by providing workout routines designed to exercise your cardiovascular system and improve your lean muscle mass and strength.