Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. But the seasoned pro knows differently. I have no idea what most of it means, mind you, but it makes for some very pretty graphs and charts. There are loads of options for setting up the car and the data provided by the telemetry systems is superb. Views Read Edit View history. And it has, in the form of F1 Challenge ”

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F1 Challenge ’99-‘02

One other annoyance, the screen freezes for a couple seconds when someone joins the race. Each of the game’s 44 vehicles is purportedly modeled to perfection, right on down to every aerodynamic nuance and sponsor decal–and they certainly look it. The Formula One games have a variety of ‘driving aids’ options that can be tailored to the users’ own tastes.

The latter is quite important, as a fast, capable machine in the real world is also just that within the game. About this product Product Information F1 Challenge ”02 allows players to gamw f1 challenge 99-02 pc game a rookie driver, earn licenses, compete for cars, join a team, develop racing skills, and race for the world championship. XboxPlayStation 2GameCube.

Six games were released between and Computer Gaming World Circuits include real fhallenge structures, helicopters, airplanes, panoramic skies, animated grid girls, motion captured Cutting-edge technology brings you the most accurate representation of Formula One to date.


Whether it is resurrected in the distant future is anyone’s guess, but it is most assuredly gone for some time to come. Video games developed by Image Space F1 challenge 99-02 pc game.

Its not about graphic, its about Formula 1 and chaplenge game doing it very well … Expand. Driving with some or any of the abundant driving aids activated is fine for rookies, but when you finally arrive at the point where you can race “naked,” F1 Challenge really comes into its own. A-Z Index Worst Games of Do yourself a favor, get a force-feedback wheel and you will feel more sensations through the wheel from this game then any other racing game ever published. Log in to finish rating F1 Challenge ” Ultrahardcore racers will undoubtedly turn to the telemetry section, which, just like last year, provides all manner of graphs and charts for your last plus laps on a given circuit.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nevertheless, the game’s separate AI strength and AI aggression slider controls are the best AI modifiers we’ve seen in any game to date. There are loads of options for setting up the car and the data provided by the telemetry challenbe is superb. All this publication’s reviews. That goes for GP4!


The AI is unlike anything else I’ve seen in a driving game When challenye or three cars come together in an accidental mass, there are f1 challenge 99-02 pc game flames and very little of the smoke that accompanies serious real-world contact. Another is the inordinate amount of time involved in loading a track.

Aiding in your quest is your artificially intelligent opposition. Yes, the frame rate and lag times were that bad. And that’s because it has.

F1 Challenge ”02 (PC, ) | eBay

PC Video Games with Manual. From a visual standpoint, F1 continues to excel, delivering the finest, most painstakingly detailed representation of open-wheeled racing cars of any game past or present.

Only thing missing is dedicated server option to accomodate more than 8 players. Don’t forget about the great modding ability.

PC games: F1 Challenge ’99-’02

Second, the painfully complicated titles aim to be as authentic as possible but generally make you chew through your lower lip in frustration. Conversely, tire smoke is billowy, translucent, and dead-on perfect.

Unfortunately, though you can now race successfully with either human or AI competition, you cannot do both at the same time. Logo for last game in series, F1 Challenge ”