He killed Bond off twice, had him married twice.. Deaver shows himself impressively adept at incorporating modern digital gadgets and tools with just enough detail to work these devices into the fabric of the story. Views Read Edit View history. Its such a cheap literary device to con the reader with fake excitement. I had a suspicion that Felicity Willing may have been working for Hydt I had her pegged as either a traitor or a sacrificial lamb , but I never thought she would turn out to be the puppet master. Deaver knows how to write a thriller and keeps it interesting enough – and the new take on Bond may be justified after so many outings.

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Felicity is just ejffery by Bheka. He gets sexually excited at the thought of dead bodies. To get back to Carte Blanche, I enjoyed it enough. The World Is Not Enough He has the opportunity with Ophelia Maidenstone, but holds back because he’s afraid she might not be ready.

Bond drinks Bourbon instead of Vodka Martini. I will go back and read some of the older novels but for now this lives up to the Bond name, if I compare it to the movies. jeffrey

Fleming could do that. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I think the biggest mixed bag is how Deaver writes James Bond as a character. His relationship with Bheka Jordaan sours, particularly when he encounters the assailant who attacked Felix Leiter in Dubai: If you like Deaver, you will like this book.


I read all the Ian Fleming Blaanche novels when I was fourteen-fifteen. Its such a cheap literary device to con the reader with fake excitement. Is the old Bond redundant in the modern age? Jun 07, J. While a reader certainly roots for him, there are occasions that same reader might not be sure whether he likes him.

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver – review | Books | The Guardian

The latter forgets the ends do not justify the means. The food descriptions alone outnumber all other dining experiences in the last books I have read and they all read like the menu romance copy found at a mid level restaurant chain. He doesn’t always charm the girls, and he employs a largely defensive form of fighting. And Agent has been given carte blanche to jeffery deaver carte blanche whatever it takes to fulfill his mission.

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver – review

In some way this is a very typical book from Deaver. Dunne is a dangerous henchman and always feels like a true threat to Bond. The villains are a businessman willing to do some horrific things for money, and an idealist who has lost sight of what is right.

This is a James Bond updated to today’s world.

Carte Blanche

Got half way and gave up reading it. Ian Flemming brilliantly held up the closeted and biggotted attitudes held by society and demonstrated its hypocrisy when Bond thunders and crashes into any situation requiring his ruthless efficiency. It would’ve been nice if Bond was smoking again, but in this P.


Concerned that the attack is imminent, Bond attempts to anticipate Hydt’s next move and is on the verge of evacuating a crowded museum when he realises that Hydt is there for an exhibit of the bodies of ninety tribal nomads who were killed a millennium ago. Bond himself jeffery deaver carte blanche now a jetfery of Afghanistan, where he performed many covert missions that brought him to M’s attention.

Misinformation blanceh to a Hungarian newspaper would suggest the attack was aimed at a fellow lecturer who was a vocal opponent of the Serbian government.

Bond finds himself pitted against the murky Severan Hydt, magnate of a global empire of refuse collection and recycling — a nicely topical metaphor.

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver

All equal opportunities and first name, open plan offices. This is a good thriller that involves a planned terrorist plot. We are not even privvy to the inner working of Bond’s mind.