It connects to the network via the core switch and captures network packet metadata via a SPAN or TAP port without interacting with devices on the network or affecting network performance. The switch will send a copy to the monitoring port of all data flowing through the source ports. Reports Real time dashboards and historical reporting. The choice of web traffic monitoring software can be daunting, but the options can be narrowed down according to the objectives you want to achieve. For example, if you only want to measure web traffic on your network, flow-based software may be the most appropriate solution. Finding out who deleted a file from a network share.

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Newsletter Subscribe to our mailing list. Since all of the information gathered by LANGuardian comes from comes deep packet inspection of traffic data captured from a SPAN port, there is no languardian software to install, no interaction with the devices on the network, and no impact on network performance. If you languadrian to collect languardian on individual processes, agent-based software to monitor web traffic may be the answer. Software for monitoring web traffic can be flow-based, or delve deeper into network activity using deep languadrian inspection.

For example, if you only want to measure languardian traffic on your network, flow-based software may be the languardian appropriate solution. Supports languardian monitoring of direct and proxy based web traffic.


The result is that LANGuardian provides unrivaled visibility into the Internet traffic generated by the users languarddian your network. LANGuardian works with the most common network switches. Latest Blog Posts copy.

Network managers can monitor web traffic passively from a central portal, or used agent-based web languafdian monitoring software to languardian each device individually. Fiber Taps languardian Y Cables Matter. LANGuardian works on the same principle in virtual networks as in physical networks. See how much bandwidth is been consumed by users surfing the web.

Web Traffic Monitoring Software

Our technical support team can answer any questions you may have on your own network topology. If you have any questions languardian how LANGuardian can meet your requirements, please contact us. Key LANGuardian web monitoring features include: Langjardian languardian the mirror port to a dedicated network adapter on the physical or virtual server where LANGuardian is installed.

Reports menu — built-in and custom reports with drilldown to the minutest level languardian detail. With LANGuardian, you can: Key LANGuardian languardian monitoring languardkan include:.

By inspecting the content of traffic packets as well as just the header, LANGuardian captures and displays highly detailed information about the traffic on your network.

Talk to us now Talk to NetFort today. Want to see LANGuardian in action? For More Information about Telnet Networks, our products, or our services, languardian to languardian a quote please feel free to contact us directly. The system provides an unparalleled level of detail on Internet user activity:.


This site uses cookies. Get network activity in oanguardian with deep packet inspection By inspecting the content of traffic packets as well as just the header, LANGuardian captures and displays highly detailed information about the traffic on your network.

Copyright Infringement at University: Alternatively you are welcome to download a free trial now and evaluate LANGuardian free in your own environment for thirty kanguardian, with no credit cards required, no languardian to sign and languarduan commitment to continue using our service at the end of the trial period.

NetFort LANGuardian is deep packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on user and network activity. Deployment diagram – LANGuardian deployment on a network with multiple core switches.

LANGuardian – Deep Packet Inspection Software.

Languardian a report for the HR department of the amount of time a named user spent on social media sites. Want more drill down to understand network performance and security issues? There are several different languardian options to choose from: Monitor user activity on your network.