• billmckim posted an update in the group Exercise and dieting 4 years, 3 months ago

    I have been trying swimming but though nice to be in warm water the pain on leaving makes it very difficult to feel any real benefit. I think a hot tub would be nice but expensive.

    • Hi @billmckim I’m sorry to hear that it is painful when leaving, I agree I think a hot tub would be good and yes they are expensive! Maybe if we could prove that a hot tub eases the pain in the near future we mite be able to get some help with the cost. I will bring this up in the next ddrdf meeting with the trustees. Everything is worth a shot if it helps with the pain. I remember my mum always saying I’m going to get in a hot bath at times it would help with the pains for her. X

    • I know what you mean when you say the pain is bad when you get out, but the nice light feeling you get when in ,makes it for me , I would live in the bath or swimming pool love just laying back in it , I love laying in the sea in the summer, I would love to go to a warm country in the winter, just stay in UK
      In summer and go and fly away to warm places in the winter lol xxx