• Hello guys
    It’s been quite a while since we have spoken, but I’m sure you will definitely agree this announcement will certainly have been worth the wait 🙂
    Over the past few months our chairwoman Patricia has […]

    • We have been having a very Busy time , but we know we are needed ,there is so many people
      Coming in the shop to find us , and where the shop is there a lot that needs help , so if we can’t help
      We will guide them the right way . Because Dercum is a syndrome we are covered to help a lot
      Of diseases .
      June and I are enjoying Helping , we have to get volunteers to help us we can’t lift things because
      Of our condition .
      I am finding the pain excruciating ,and my sister has cellar bella ataxia late on set.
      She has no balance , but she not letting that stop her .
      We will have to get volunteers soon , but must say the local people have been very kind
      And Carried things in for us . We’ll talk soon big gentle hugs xxxxx

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    Hi Bill

    Thank you for your kind words. These guys really are fantastic and are genuinely interested in what is going on with DD, it is an exciting time for them and us as we represent an intact family gene pool for them to garner results from, they have explained this is not a quick process, but it represents a little hope for us all 🙂

  • Hello guys

    I Hope you are well and pain free.
    Well, it has been a little while since we last spoke, and for that I do offer my apologies, however that is not to say exciting things have not happened, because […]

    • I watch with great interest this article. I am undiagnosed dd sufferer, how you managed to get anyone in this country to even discuss is a miracle let alone have a meeting with such qualified doctors. Good luck and well done.

      • Hi Bill

        Thank you for your kind words. These guys really are fantastic and are genuinely interested in what is going on with DD, it is an exciting time for them and us as we represent an intact family gene pool for them to garner results from, they have explained this is not a quick process, but it represents a little hope for us all 🙂

  • Hello Guys

    I hope you are all well and pain free.

    Well, It came and it went on the 23rd of August we held our first family funday, and i can safely say that all those that attended had an amazing day from […]

  • Hello Guys

    I Hope you are all well and pain free.
    As I’m sure you are all aware there is a small event about to be held by us on 23rd August and we have been inundated with people and businesses that are […]

  • Hi Guys

    I Hope you are all well and pain free

    Well things are really starting to take shape with your Foundations Superhero funday, we have lots of attractions and guests booked for this, our first (of many?) family funday.
    We are just awaiting final confirmation from a few more that are coming to take part and help during the day, and we can start giving some more details as well as links to their sites and who and what they are doing.
    Below I will list a few that have confirmed they will be their to help.

    We are pleased to announce that some of the guys from Team Kinetix will be appearing on the day.
    Team Kinetix have performed on ITV’s Britains got talent and BBC’s Slammer as well as broadcasts helping to promote the 2012 Olympics and much more, again this team of amazing athletes are not only known for their talent, but also how they help out good causes and simply invite people to go to their classes and learn how to free run

    Please visit the team Kinetix website www.teamkinetix.co.uk

    Facebook: TeamKinetix

    The guys can be contacted on the following: email info@teamkinetix.co.uk   T:07919 915851











    The guys from the Eelhouse traditional East London Pie’N’Mash caterers whose famous heritage and recipes date back well over a hundred years, they are  highly regarded in celebrity circles, they are known to serve celebrities such as Madness, Chas and Dave, Micky Flanagan and Danny Dyer amongst others. They are also known to cater for sports stars and football clubs. Not only are these guys regarded as the best Pie’N’Mash caterers in the business, they are also known for their huge generosity in the way they donate their time to help good causes.
    Please visit http://www.eelhouse.co.uk
    Facebook: pie.n.mash

    Danny Dyer














    We are Happy to introduce Gabriella Clarke MHS MNCS (ACC). from the Mind Health Movement a specialists in the Following:
    Weight-loss, eating disorders and food psychology. Sports psychology and performance. Stress, anxiety, phobias and depression. Habits, addictions and OCD. Loss, separation and bereavement. Yoga, Pilates and muscle activation. Ante/ post-natal health and psychology. Rehabilitation and working with medical conditions. Nutrition and therapy. Mentoring, Counselling and Coaching for both men and women.
    As well as being a well established life coach, Personal trainer, Hypnotherapist and much,much more, Gabby is also an established broadcaster who presented the Drive show on Phoenix FM. so please don’t hesitate to visit her on the day. Gabriella and the Mind Health Movement can be found on http://www.mindhealthmovement.com/

    Facebook: Mind Health Movement  and Gabriella can be contacted via e-mail gabriella@mindhealthmovement.com

    mind healthGabby












    We also have plenty for the younger visitors in the shape of Kyra’s-Castles  who will be providing a multitude of inflatables for the kids to try out. Kyra’s – Castles are a well known and well established company who are based in Colchester, Essex.
    As well as providing Inflatables The guys at Kyra’s-castles can ensure your parties and fates can have the full entertainment package, from venue hire to disco’s and children’s magicians.
    Kyra’s-Castles can be contacted on the folowing:
    Facebook: Kyra’s bouncy castles
    ebsite: http://www.kyras-castles.co.uk
     Freephone: 0800 404 5956

    Kyras 2

    Kyras Castles
















    We also are proud to have the guys from the Beach family who are bringing some lovely goodies such as Candy floss stall Sweet Stall, and various fairground stalls as well as their lovely burger bar so they will make sure no one goes hungry









    Next we have Anniebelles Pretties who specialise in children’s hair accessories such as custom made hair bows, braids and plaiting look them up on facebook under anniebelles pretties

    Frozen Bowanniebelles











    There will also be Theresa from Precious Sew and Sew who creates bespoke cushions, bags, and charms there are some really exquisite pieces ” Precious sew and sew started out with the sewing of cushions for all occasions. Since then christmas stockings and decorations have also been added. All items are handmade with care and attention. We also take orders for individual customised orders and love the challenge.”
    Precious Sew and sew can be found on her facebook page Precious Sew and Sew


    canvasbobby box











    We will be having the psychic mediums from Mixes the Spirits a local medium-ship who will be providing readings via tarot,palmistry etc.



    There will also be a kite display provided by local entertainer Dennis ( Weather permitting)



    We are very Pleased to announce that Hannah Fountain from HRF Photography  will also be supporting us on the day

    HRF are a local Photographic studio based in Clacton on Sea Hannah is extremely passionate about her profession to ensure you get the most natural photographs in the most professional manner so Hannah encourages your input. As well as portraiture HRF also cover weddings, Christenings as well as any other special occasion. Photoshoots are not simply confined to the studio either as HRF are happy to shoot on location with fantastic results.

    Hannah can be contacted on the following
    Website: http://www.hrfphotography.co.uk                      Email: info@hrfphotography.co.uk
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hrfphotography
    Phone: 01255 222536

    baby ball


    tiger 2
















    We are also very proud and Pleased to have Sarah from SonoBelli Beauty who is a beauty therapist based in Braintree, Essex who offer many forms of beauty therapy ranging from Shrinking Violet Body Wraps, Spray tans and facials to manicures and pedicures, sarah is also a forever Aloe Vera Distributor. SonoBelli Beauty will be offering glitter tattoos for the children, and mini facials for the older ones. They will also have their forever products on sale.
    SonoBelli Beauty can be contacted on the following links:
    Email: sonobellibeauty@hotmail.co.uk
    Tel: 01376 327558

    nailsShrinking Violet


    We are very pleased to introduce Mrs Markham’s a very popular tea room and Bakery located in the picturesque village of St.Osyth.  Mrs Markham’s absolutely adore making beautiful cakes, from magnificent carrot cakes, gluten free sponge cakes to amazing cupcakes, they can cater for any event, from marriages and christenings to birthday parties and hen nights, a cake for all occasions. you can tell from the first bite of any of these wonderful cakes how much time, love and care has gone into making each and every one of them.
    Mrs Markham’s can be contacted on the following links:
    Facebook: Mrs Markham’s
    mail: mrsmarkhams@gmail.com
    Tel: 01255 714303
     cakephoto (1)



    We are extremely Proud to Present to you a young lady that hails from Canvey Island. Miss Chloe Katie Jacques. Chloe is a very talented young vocalist who has sung with the likes of Luke Britnall and filthy gorgeous. Chloe is currently in the filthy Gorgeous recording studios recording her debut Album which is due to be released in November, so, not only a treat for your ears but a sneak peek at what this talented young lady has to offer,as I’m sure you’ll agree once you hear her vocals, she will have the world at her feet, and to top it all she is using her huge amount of talent to support us as well.

    imageimage (1)




















    Special thanks and warm mentions to the guys and girls of Essex medics who will be providing assistance to any who need it (hopefully they wont be too busy), and to the young men of the local Scout group who will be providing assistance with the parking and helping in any way they can.
    I will be adding more to this site as the event draws near.
    I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am it’s going to be FANTASTIC 🙂
    Warm Hugs to you all

    • This will be a fantastic day and so let’s make this a success for DDRD foundation, they all work so hard to hopefully help others in pain! Xxxx

  • really looking forward to our Funday 🙂

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    Hello Again Guys 🙂

    Wow, No sooner do I inform you all about our upcoming event, then I get informed by our Chairwoman that the issue of DJ has been solved.

    We are happy to inform you that on Saturday 23rd August we are going to be joined by Professional Disc-Jockey Barry representing Cool Sounds what makes this even nicer is that Barry is local and from St Osyth, Cool sounds have kindly donated their time and energy to support us for the entire day supplying the best music available to ensure a fantastic atmosphere for all the Family.

    Cool sounds are also available for private and public functions.

    Full Contact Details Below:

    Cool-Sounds Mobile disco
    78 Spring Road
    CO16 8RU Clacton-On-Sea
    Essex England
    Phone:   01255 821521Mobile:  07950773621Website: http://www.coolsoundsmobiledisco.co.ukThis is shaping up to be an amazing day and we really look forward to seeing you there.Warm Hugs to you all……..Lets Rock 😀

  • Hello Guys

    I Hope you are all well and pain free.

    Well, well, well after our astounding success with our recent Paranormal events we are stepping up in our fundraising activities and events because […]

  • @zbb1993518 this is a charitable foundation NOT your Personal AD space so please find yourself DELETED

  • Hello Guys

    I hope you are all well and pain free, I thought I would share some info which i found out there from an article written by Dr. Johann Steiner and associates Dercum´s disease – a frequently […]

  • Hello Guys

    I Hope you are all well 🙂

    Well, after lots and lots of hard work our event at the Secret Nuclear Bunker in Kelvedon Hatch was deemed a successful and enjoyable night.
    To give you an idea of the scope to this event we even managed to get a slot on Phoenix FM a Brentwood and Billericay local radio station, who were very interested in who we were and what we had to say and were happy to help plug this event.
    We arrived early at about 7.30 pm to get ourselves all set up with the food and display leaflets.
    For any that have not been to this venue before, whether on a paranormal evening or just visiting the museum, this is one eerie location, even with the lights on it is still very dark, so this was looking to be a good night. we were awaiting our visitors to turn up when we got word that the Highways agency were conducting emergency roadworks in both directions of the Ongar rd and had closed it off. We were stuck in the middle! It appeared that disaster could have been looming as the workmen were not going to let anybody through!! Common sense prevailed and some of our sweet talking visitors managed to talk their way through the works.
    Once again The Essex and Kent Paranormal Research Society were on hand to lead the vigils and explore this very eerie and oppressive place.

    Well, as we were awaiting to get  things under way a very strange thing happened we heard massive crashing and knocking coming through the speakers in the canteen and one of the sites security cameras started shaking violently, Bill From The Kent and Essex Paranormal Research Society had just walked in as the banging had just stopped so he was very unsure as to what had happened until we heard one final crash, so it was a strange and exciting start to the evening.

    The evening finally started off at about 10.30 pm when we all went to the very bottom of the Bunker in the main map room and radio studio, which was installed by the BBC just so they could broadcast if the nuclear war had started. we then spit up into two groups with one group venturing into the tunnel and the other group journeying to the dormitories, from reports of other vigils that had taken place the tunnel was supposedly an active area, and it didn’t disappoint with one of the locked off cameras reportedly being moved, we heard noises in the tunnel and there were incredible temperature changes, at one point it felt as if someone had walked right through us.

    We all reconvened back in the canteen to regale one another with what we had experienced so far, there were a few who weren’t sure whether they had seen or felt anything, but all really seemed to be enjoying the evening, and again we all switched places and did different vigils, but it had all quietened down a bit until the last section of the evening, when whilst we were all trying some table tipping in the map room and in the tunnels, but again it seemed to fall a little flat, that was until Christina Our medium seemed to pick up on something and went back into the map room and things started to happen. The guys set up their ghost box (A device that rapidly scans the radio frequencies up and down which generates a white noise effect which can allow spiritual responses).which seemed to be responding very well to questions that were asked of it, we were getting male and female voices coming through it was amazing. We took the box back into the tunnel and got even more results it was a shame it happened at the end of the night, but what a way to finish, it really was a brilliant night.

    I would personally like to thank all involved in making this night the success it was and thank you all for visiting and supporting us.
    Once again a huge thank you to the Essex and Kent Paranormal research society, and to our sponsors Bookers wholesale for their continued support.

    Thank You and Warm hugs to you all x


  • hello guys, well not long to go now until the paranormal sleepover at Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker even radio stations are developing an interest with an interview taking place on Phoenix Fm 98.0 brentwood Radio, this is going to be fantastic 🙂

  • @education If you wish to support us you are very welcome on this site with open arms, however if you are just using us as and base to spread your advertising, I will have no choice but to delete you from our site, please let me know



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    It’s going to be fantastic 🙂

  • Hello Guys
    I hope you are all well and pain free.
    Please don’t forget about our upcoming paranormal sleepover at the Secret Nuclear Bunker in Brentwood,Essex, CM14 5SA
    If the last event is anything to go by, this evening is going to be stupendous.
    Once again we are going to be joined by the Essex and Kent Paranormal Society.
    As well as the c…[Read more]

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