• June Carr posted an update in the group Exercise and dieting 5 years ago

    Cottage pie
    One med onion
    Half a pound mince meat
    One clove of garlic
    Piece of fresh ginger
    Fresh basil
    Half teaspoon of mixed herbs
    Half teaspoon of thyme
    Tin of crushed tomatoes
    Teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
    Teaspoon of soy sauce
    Desert spoon of cooking oil
    2 pounds of potatoes
    4 ounces beef stock
    4ounces frozen peas

    Put oil in pan, cut onion in small pieces . Fry onions till they sweat, add mincemeat and brown the meat, drain the fat and oil off. Add garlic , ginger,thyme ,mixed herbs, fresh basil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce beef stock and tin o tomatoes mix well and reduce the liquid to make a thicker sauce. Peel and boil potatoes with some salt. Mash potatoes when cooked with real butter and some milk. Put mincemeat in dish with slotted spoon to drain gravy out of meat. Put mash potatoes on top with knobs of butter on top. Cook in middle of oven on mark 5 until golden brown. Serve with your choice of veg, and Bon appetite !!!

    • Sorry forgot to tell you about the peas only add them when meat is cooked and mash goes on top before you put the dish in the oven!