Mr. DD


MR DDA true statement from our Vice Chairperson Mrs Patricia Bissessur – My Life with Dercums, how it started

Patricia’s great vision regarding her Dercums Disease, she has given it a face and a name. She has called it Mr DD. Please look at the pictures and they tell it all. Patricia sees her Dercums as an enemy and she has named and shamed it by calling it Mr DD.

In her vision of her pain Mr DD causes her to have feelings of having a red hot poker going through her body.

Patricia fights the disease as if she is being attacked by an assailant who is trying to kill her with a red hot poker of pain. Patricia can only get some relief after she has taken loads of pain relieving medication this is her story, and I am sure you can relate to it in one way or another. Please read on…

I was once a workaholic and a full time mum to three children, and I juggled between the both and loved every minute, knowing that by working hard I could give my children all they needed and wanted.

I had just qualified as an advanced driving instructor and I ran several other business at the same time. yes I was a busy but happy lady, earning and trying until I was struck down with excruciating pain Mr. DD had reared his ugly head.

My whole life started to change from good to really bad. From that fateful day in December 1997, I rose out of my bed in severe pain, and only to discover that I was covered from head to foot in ugly black lumps and in great pain, it felt like a red hot poker all over my body – another description is of giving birth but without the lovely baby at the end.

My Pain Had Started. My whole body was on fire, my arms and legs were swelling with lumps. My children came over and saw this and they could not believe there eyes, more lumps were appearing , they tried to help but did not know how.My son John took me over and over again to the G.P.

It became so bad that any touch was causing terrible agonizing pain, so no comfort, no cuddles, no nothing, at this my children rushed me to my doctor who did not know what it was or what was wrong and sent me away with nothing as usual, this happened a great many times.

The lumps were appearing so fast, the pain was so great that my children sat and cried with helplessness. Again back to the G.P who insisted that they were nothing but fatty lumps and do not cause any pain.

I was having several attacks per day, and the only relief I could find was when my daughter Kerry who suggested having a very “HOT BATH” this was a panic reaction but it helped, and would ease the pain just a little bit. I was scared and reluctant to try this, but she was so scared, so I did .

I thought I was going MAD or having some kind of nervous breakdown due to this horrid condition and the added insult of my LOCAL G.P’s disbelief in my condition. I could not work, or eat, sleep, even using the phone was terrible, loud noises grated right through me, this disease MR DD was turning me from being a strong and confident business woman, into a shivering wreck of a human being . With all this now more bad news I could not function, so in turn I lost my ADI badge and my other businesses. Each day became a new battle.

I found another doctor who would only take me into his practice as a private patient. I agreed, anything to get some help. Each time I saw him the cost seemed to rise from a small amount to a much larger one, but still no help!!!!.
My Son George had a girlfriend who took me again to this doctor, but on this occasion she waited right outside the doctor’s door. This was one of the many occasions that I had attended this particular doctor, and as usual he wanted more money, only this time he asked for double the amount, and all the while he did not avert his eyes from his computer, this was so ignorant and bad mannered, he just held out his hand for more money. I became incensed and very upset, and asked the doctor no, I begged him to help me .

He looked up at me and said “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU AND YOU OWE ME MONEY”, at this remark I lost my temper and said to him that he had been stringing me along “JUST FOR THE MONEY”. For a very long time over many months and loads of money. He asked me to leave his office, at this remark I leaned towards him and PINCHED HIS ARM GOOD AND HARD !! and asked him “did that hurt?” His reply was one of shock “yes it did”. “GOOD!” I replied.”That is a small portion of the pain I am feeling every day every hour every minuet every second.”

At this point he informed me he was intending to become a strictly private practice , I replied “who would pay you? You are a charlatan”. At this remark he dived to his office door and locked it, thus barring my way and I could not get out!!! He said I was too upset to leave. I told him to let me out and then I shouted “let me out!”. By this time, my son’s girlfriend was banging on his office door and we could hear the doctors receptionist crying and sobbing due to the doctors behavior and actions. She had heard how the doctor had spoken to me and how he had treated me in such a bad manner, and the names he called me were disgusting, and most insulting as well as very unprofessional. I told him that I was going to report him to the authorities and the medical board. In the end however, it was not necessary to report him as his private practice failed and he became a loser. This is the end of this chapter of my story. We have an old saying to whomever harms us it is this. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!  and he got his.

I have found a new doctor who did listen, and has tried to find out information and get some help for my condition. DERCUMS DISEASE SYNDROME. He put me on the correct path and he sent me to a specialist who informed me that I have a very serious condition called NEUROFIBROMATOSIS. This condition is fatal! I was scared to death and shook from head to foot. My daughter was with me when I was informed of this. she was in shock too, because the doctor called her in and said “I have to inform you, I have good news and some bad news.” We stood and waited it seemed like hours but it was just minutes. The good news was I did not have NEUROFIBROMATOSIS. We sighed a sigh of relief but he continued and informed us that the bad news is you have DERCUMS DISEASE, and we do not know the outcome or prognosis. In other words nothing, only surgery to take lumps out but they will grow back with a vengeance!!!

MR DD. You have not stopped me living or loving, I have moved to a lovely place by the sea and in the countryside, and I can now sit and watch my grandchildren play on the beach and I can now enjoy them as a grandmother should.
I listen to the birds singing in the trees, I watch the deer and my two little dogs playing in the fields. I can now appreciate the beautiful sunrise and sunset. I can see the boats and the fishermen in the distance on the sea. IF YOU HAD NOT COME ALONG MR DD. I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE TO ENJOY AND SHARE THESE TRANQUIL SETTINGS WITH MY WONDERFUL FAMILY AND HOW MUCH I ENJOY THEM.

“MR DD. I CHALLENGE YOU! I am going to take you by the hand, and turn your red hot poker of pain into a gentle FEATHER DUSTER, and the story goes on.

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