I use Krita for digital painting superior to Photoshop for this type of work in my opinion , 3dCoat for 3d work again, no comparison to Photoshop , and a combination of DxO, Raw Therapee, and Photoline for RAW developing. Whether you’ve grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. There are things in Photoline which are just not possible in Photoshop: And Photoline happens to be very powerful as an image editor as well – about on par with Photoshop. The Fade function in Photoshop was introduced at a time when layers, I believe, were unavailable in Photoshop. Here is the link:

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I understand your reluctance.

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Isola Verde’s gear list. That’s the missing feature with most programs. We have selected the preset called Old Newspaper in the picture optikverve labs. When unzipping, you can set the destination lahs path. The basic film effect is provided by regions 4 and 5but more effects, mainly color filters can be used in region 7 Photographic Style. Are there caveats compared to Optikverve labs The latter is easier to use. Lightroom CC edits on iPad.


One is for brightness, the other for contrast.

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I can send vector layers to InkScape, edit them with more elaborate vector tools, and then save. For animation and video, I would never use Photoshop – far too primitive and limiting.

Here is the link:. The part on the upper left optikverve labs from the original. You don’t need the stand-alone to run the plugin itself; you can just use Photoshop or even Irfanview. Clarity is provided by the 25 ASA sensitivity setting.

Here is the link: Most bookmarked in this forum. Optikverve labs you can see, Virtual Photographer is a very versatile tool. Isola Verde’s gear list: All forums Retouching Change forum. Let us know how it goes.

virtualPhotographer 1.5.6

Among the frontiers of Chaos. The developers have little or no interest in advertising their image editor. There is no animation, no 3d, and for digital painting I would look elsewhere. October 31, 0 Comment.


Do you know why? I cannot remember the last time I used Fade in Photoshop – it must be almost two decades ago. You can load any saves by clicking Load region 6.

This sets all controls to optikverve labs saved positions, but can be freely changed and saved again by clicking Save. The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. Affinity Photo is also shaping up quite nicely – it will get 32bpc support soon. I upgraded to PSCC and it is bit.

These apply a virtual color filter glass on your imaginary black-and-white film. This means one mask may serve as the base for many others, optikverve labs when the original is changed, the others update in real time! Perhaps look for an old PS Elements disk?