Our Team


Mrs Patricia Bissessur

acting Chairperson
Mrs Patricia Bissessur is in her voluntary capacity as Vice Chairperson /fundraiser and Dercums Disease Sufferer. Patricia has first hand knowledge of this Disease. please read her true story so far, on this site. This will give you an insight into this vicious disease.
Patricia works very hard for our foundation whilst battling her illness and raising awareness of Dercums Disease, and will continue to do so for as long as she can.

Mr John Steward

Acting vice chairperson, Site Manager,Fundraiser and Trustee
Mr John steward is our Publicity Director/Fundraiser in his voluntary capacity, He has the great ability to command the publics attention and to raise awareness thus making him an integral part of our organization. John is also an accomplished writer and fully published poet which he is now putting these talents to use within the foundation.

Miss Gena Daly

Secretary, Research Manager and Fundraiser

Miss Gena Daly is our research manager , a fundraiser and secretary in her voluntary capacity, she is able to give information on a social basis and advice and counselling referrals. Her purpose is to make the U.K fully aware of Dercums Disease and rare diseases. she is a very capable well informed and helpful member of our team. As a key member of our team Gena can advise and refer help in the correct directions.

Miss Kerry Ford

Events Manager, Social Media manager and Fundraiser Miss Kerry Ford, voluntary fundraiser/trustee and events manager. Kerry has many contacts and is in a wonderful position to raise the awareness of Dercums Disease and rare  diseases. Kerry has an infectious personality and at a moments notice can arrange the most wonderful occasions and  fun events this  makes her very important to our team.  

Mr. George Steward

Technical and Media Manager, and Fundraiser

Mr. George Steward is our technical and media manager a trustee and fundraiser  in his voluntary capacity. He is a D.J and Compere on the radio, he is in a perfect position to inform the general public of our foundation and what we stand for  and to make announcements on our behalf.

Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie

Katrina is the mother of four, grandmother of 9 and great grandmother of two precious little girls. Katrina is adamant about informing, sharing and teaching doctors and others in the UK about DD. She is also serious about teaching alternative methods to aid in pain control for others with the disease. She has been diagnosed with DD for 3 years. She is a Reiki Master and Healer, a Herbalist and Author.

We have several Trustees and Volunteers  who work with us, they are:
Ms Maria June Hoyle,  Mrs Roxanne Woodcraft, Miss Michelle Webb, Mrs Susan Baldock, Mr Tony Hanson, Mrs June Carr, Mr Michael Edginton and Professor Karen Herbst who has kindly agreed to assist  with lectures and seminars on the subject of Dercums Disease in the U.K.

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