In this situation do not create or restore images with the -locktype parameter set to I. It also supports restoring from DriveImage format. Available as an independent product, Norton Ghost was also included as a component of Norton SystemWorks Professional. On computers with multiple processors the processorID bios lock option does not work as intended when running Ghost Support for ext4 was added in September This option may slow Symantec Ghost operation substantially. Symantec deprecated LiveUpdate support for Norton Ghost in early

symantec ghost32 11.0

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Ghost cannot see a drive or partition in the drive selection window

Wait until Windows is loaded from the CD. It supports both full system backup and individual files or folders backup. By default, Ghost rewinds the tape after a tape operation and then exits to DOS.

Views Read Edit View history. It also supports restoring from DriveImage format. Norton Save And Restore 1. When saving an image as a file, Ghost compresses the file. Using this switch leaves the corrupted files in an unknown state. Forces FireWire support to start, even when the FireWire controller is being run by something else.


Filename indicates the path and file name of the command-line switch file. The lowest usable value would be plus the number of physical drives on the computer. Lets you lock an image file for use with a specific set of computers defined by the type chosen and the source computer.

Ghost cannot see a drive or partition in the drive selection window

That is, when the destination disk includes a Ghoost32 boot partition and you use the -IGB switch, Ghost synantec not write over the existing Ghost boot partition. If this switch is set, and the target partition is FAT, Symantec Ghost checks for and works around bad sectors and all free sectors are verified.

Includes the hibernation and skip files in the image file. This switch is intended for use under instruction from Symantec Technical Support when troubleshooting.

symantec ghost32 11.0

ghosst32 Specifies the number of hard disks present. This version no longer supports opening. Consult the Symantec Ghost Reference Guide for information on the syntax and default settings.

Since Ghost 9 does not support the older. Ghost Solution Suite 1. The additional memory available allows Ghost to provide several levels of compression for images, and to provide the file browser.

If it understands the internal format of the partition, it defaults syantec copying the files and directory structure. For instance, when Ghost is set for a -JS value of 1, the packet will make it through 1 router only, and be stopped at a second router. Retrieved 8 March Such switches are normally not used without the second hyphen.


The format of the skip text file, skipfile, matches the format used with the CRC32 vexcept option. This switch causes Ghost to skip the indicated files during a create or restore operation. The command-line switch file can include any Symantec Ghoost32 command-line switch. Dumps disk metrics information to the dump log file, Ghststat. This xymantec may slow Symantec Ghost operation substantially.

Defines the location of the destination partition, disk, or image file.

symantec ghost32 11.0

Replaces the default abort error log file name, Ghosterr. Symantec software Proprietary software Backup software Storage software Disk cloning. Ghost can manage other installations of version Adds a single-line image file description to the image file.